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Our vision

We are a fully independent advertising agency. We can sum up our vision like this

Let’s keep advertising a popular sport.

With modern technology, brands can now solicit consumers in virtually any place, at any time, in any way. These are opportunities not to be missed. Whatever the chosen channel may be, the quality of the approach is essential. Developing and maintaining a brand’s popularity is indeed a major challenge. Every time we show up on the consumer’s doorstep, we want to be greeted with a smile, gleefully welcomed and invited in.

Boosting a brand’s popularity means making it interesting, useful, desirable, influential and inspiring. It demands a consistent approach and a matching rigor in all media, advertising, publishing, digital media, social media, event management, b2b, brand content and brand experience fields. It entails simple yet powerful ideas, compelling insights to achieve creations which people love to see repeatedly and share. Creating campaigns which speak to the widest audience because they convey a genuine and distinctive message perfectly consistent with their era and prevailing state of mind.

How we work

Our work is founded on two cornerstones: openness and the spirit of collaboration.

OpennessBeing open is the key to grasping our times, understanding the person behind the consumer, and pertinently addressing contemporary communication challenges. It also means integrating modern technology, new media, new trends, fresh ideas, everything surrounding us. It implies working with creative talents and embracing all the new forms of writing and the new possibilities which come with them: stories, content, games, events, experiences etc. Finally, being open means integrating skill sets which are vital to address our clients’ challenges. We team up with specialized consultants while never losing sight of the brand’s overall strategy, positioning and communication territory. It is also essential that we rigorously focus on detail at a time when brand actions are increasingly fragmented by targets and mediums. It is crucial to keep our eye on the ball stay the course.

The spirit of collaborationThe spirit of collaboration is the foundation for changing work relations and overhauling the process. It enables us to be flexible, save on costs, and be responsive. The agency-client duo relation becomes balanced, constructive, efficient and healthy. Thanks to the players we sit at the table and lead on every assignment, we manage our clients’ projects in an efficient, clear and responsible way while recognizing everyone’s individual skills.

Our values

The company

The tandem

Our role is to put together and lead the best possible team, ensuring it works within the brand’s framework, market positioning, strategy, personality, field of expression and creative realm. 

The peloton

They are the talents we hire on a per project basis, depending on client needs and requests. They are freelancers or small businesses used to collaborative processes and who share our values. 

In the creative pack

Graphic artists, illustrators, artistic directors, photographers, directors, plastic artists, script writers, authors, writers, musicians, animators etc

In the digital pack

Motion designers, digital artists, web designers, community managers, UX, data specialists, digital producers, digital consultants etc.

In the strategy pack

Various strategic planners including consultants.

Our profiles

Stéphane FRANCK

He graduated from Corvisart and also went to Olivier De Serre. He grew up in the Paris suburbs which makes him a local. He started his carrer as an Art Director and worked for Studio LG, Ted Bates, Diamant Vert, BDDP, DDB, RSCG, EuroRSCG Sher Lafarge, Enjoy, EuroRSCG Works, Callegari Berville, Grey and EURORSCG C&O. While the honors at school were scarce, he earned various trophies as a cyclist racer which turned out to be premonitory. But the awards he is the most proud of are the different prizes he got for his work: short lists at Cannes, Art Directors Club, Effie, Epica, and Prix Stratégies. It seems that he is better in advertising than in cycling.

Jean-Jacques SEBILLE

Before graduating from ESCP Europe, one of the leading business schools in France, Jean-Jacques grew up in Burgundy in the shade of some pinot noir, chardonnay and under the holy protection of cow herds. He worked 13 years at DDB and 3 at Louis XIV (both Omnicom), 6 years at Euro-RSCG, 3 years at Saatchi&Saatchi. Among the honours he was awarded, there isn't yet the Nobel Prize which he should get anytime now, but there are 3 Lions, 1 gold and 2 bronze and a second place in the poem recitation competition at the age of 13. But Valérie, who won, had cheated. He does own up to being Robert Knepper's look-alike, aka T-bag in Prison break.

Our vision

We are a fully independent advertising agency. We can sum up our vision like this

Let’s keep advertising a popular sport.

life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.

Albert Einstein

Our clients/our work

our experiences

Every time we show up on the consumer’s doorstep, we want to be greeted with a smile, gleefully welcomed and invited in.

Les cyclistes




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